1st Anti-Exceptionalism workshop: Logic as science (Nov 18-19)


The `Anti-Exceptionalism About Logic’ project just had its first official workshop, entitled `Logic as science‘. We had great talks and helpful discussions, but also excellent company. We are very grateful to all the speakers for their contributions, and not least to everyone else who came along from the department and elsewhere.

Most likely the workshop talks will result in a special issue on anti-exceptionalism. I will post more information later.


Welcome speech to new Humanities students 2016

Ole Hjortland (1)

On August 14th, the Faculty of Humanities welcomed the new 2016 students. I gave a short speech about what we hope to teach our students in the philosophy preparation course, Examen Philosophicum. The theme I chose was how to detect bullshit, in reference to¬†Harry Frankfurt’s famous essay On Bullshit.